Driving and Parking in the City

It is practical to tour New Orleans without a car. If a car is necessary, remember parking regulations are strictly enforced, especially in the French Quarter. Legal on-street parking is difficult to find in the Central Business District and French Quarter during special events and major holidays. Drivers should consider either reserving parking space in advance or using an alternative means of transportation. The hourly and all-day costs for parking lots and garages vary.

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is towed, the tow pound is located at 400 North Claiborne Avenue. Telephone: (504) 658-8284.

Getting Around New Orleans


With routes across, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) offers an economic and convenient means for getting around town. The fare is $1.25 for all buses and streetcars. Transfers to another bus route are $.25. The fare for express routes is $1.50. One-day and three-day passes are also available for $3 and $9, respectively. RTA buses are ADA accessible; and with RTA’s new GoMobile app, riders can use their smart phones to pay fares and purchase passes in just seconds.

For more information call the RTA Rideline at 504-248-3900 or visit. http://www.norta.com


A variety of taxicab companies operate in the city. All taxis must utilize their meters within the city. The meter drop is $3.50 and .30 cents per each one-eighth of a mile traveled. Taxis also charge $1.00 per extra passenger. The fare is $7.00 per person or the meter rate (whichever is greater) to and from certain “special events” (such as Jazz Festival site). The rate to or from Louis Armstrong International Airport is $36 for up to two passengers and $15 per person for 3 or more passengers. All taxis are marked with signage that displays these and other rate fees and details.

All taxis must be marked with the company’s name and a “CPNC” number. Inside the taxi, passengers will also find the driver’s name and photograph. Taxi cab regulations in New Orleans also require that all taxis are equipped with GPS and a security camera. In the event of a problem, make a note of the company, the driver’s name, CPNC number, date, and time. Complaints and questions should be referred to the Taxicab Bureau at City Hall 504-658-7176 or 888-908-4869.


Both Uber and Lyft ride sharing services operate throughout the metropolitan New Orleans area. Users must have the ride sharing programs app downloaded to their mobile device in order to use these service. Make certain that you recognize the make and model of the car picking them up, as well as the name of the driver, his or her star rating, and the license plate of the car and double check this information against the details provided to you via the app.

In addition to confirming the identity of the driver and car, here are a few more helpful tips for using ride sharing services:

  1. Wait indoors or in a safe public area until you receive notification that your ride has arrived.
  2. Let someone know. The Uber app allows you to notify your own contacts of your whereabouts and estimated time of arrival. At a
  3. Pay attention to the driver’s rating on the app.
    Most of these apps also give riders and drivers an opportunity to rate each other, encouraging both parties to have good behavior.