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     Bike tours. Walking tours. History tours. Food tours. Cemetery tours. Swamp tours. Architecture tours. Art tours.
A tour offers the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of what makes this city unique and unforgettable.
When it comes to ways to explore NewOrleans,theoptionsarenearly endless, and there is something for everyone. Of course, in a city with a history as rich and diverse as New Orleans, it is easy to understand why tours are so popular and plentiful.
Everything there is to love about this city is steeped in a diverse history and overflows with culture. And your appreciation of all of those things will naturally grow when you learn more about this place, those cultures and that history.
So whether you are for here a convention, a girl’s trip, a bachelor party, one of the city’s world-renown festivals or weekend get away, do yourself a favor—find some time between enjoying delicious cuisine and partying like rock star to take a tour.
Judy Geddes Bajoie, a local scholar and historian who owns and operates Tours by Judy, agrees. Bajoie’s specializes in history tours of New Orleans that include a historical Garden District tour; a three-in-one tour highlighting the French Quarter, free people of color
by Danielle Coston

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