Page 9 - Welcome 2022
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Dear Friends,
The African-American community welcomes
you to the historic city,
New Orleans. While
here, do experience
the food and music,
the dance, art and
costuming which have
defined the most
intriguing and famous culture of our land.
Minority businesses have from their inception depended on the patronage of other American citizens of color for their survival, which takes us to today and the contentious political climate permeating our country and the world— a climate that emphasizes exclusion rather than inclusion.
We’re certain you will agree that it
is now more important than ever to spend our dollars within our own communities—a wise move which will ensure our continued survival. The best way to protect and guarantee our heritage for ourselves and generations to come is to intentionally
and unapologetically support Black- owned businesses and enterprises with our impressive buying power.
We will do well to remember that “Charity begins at home.”
It is said that in the public sector, your vote is your dollar and in the private sector your dollar is your vote. We should use both wisely.
And never forget, God helps those who help themselves. 9
 Dr. Dwight McKenna

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