A Letter from Our Publishers

Dear Friends,

We enthusiastically welcome you to our city. Thank you for making New Orleans a top tourist destination. 

When you visit New Orleans, you bring with you your enormous buying power. The annual Essence Festival of Culture, alone, has an economic impact of $327 million, not to mention the hundreds of conventions, family vacations, girl’s trips and weekend getaways that attract throngs of African-American visitors to our city throughout the year! Every dollar you pour into our city, whether through direct spending, job creation or sales tax revenue, makes a difference!

That is why it is so very important for us, as Black people, to be intentional in directing our dollars to Black business owners who, for the most part, are exclusively dependent on our advocacy and support for survival. As the saying goes, the change we are looking for is in our pockets. When we support Black-owned businesses, even while on vacation, we strengthen Black communities and contribute to economic freedom. What a wonderful way to leave your mark on New Orleans!

As you immerse yourself in the wonders of our unique history, rich culture and lively entertainment, we hope that you, as one committed to the empowerment of our race, will be intentional in directing your powerful economic buying power to African-American entrepreneurs who need it the most. 

While we are unapologetic in our promotion of Black-owned business, we also encourage you to visit those majority-owned businesses and institutions that have shown they respect us and value your patronage by advertising in Welcome. We especially want to acknowledge New Orleans & Company for being a steadfast partner in this endeavor.

Remember that how and where you spend your dollars will, without question, determine the rise or fall of the Black community. Accept this charge with conscious fervor which leaves no doubt that we are one as we struggle for economic inclusion, parity and freedom.

Enjoy your visit here and do come back.


Dr. Dwight McKenna
and Beverly S. McKenna
Welcome Magazine